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The latest version of the Shuttle.Esb components now make use of .NET dependency injection as well as the options pattern. This is a major departure from the component container adapter pattern used to date. Please take a look at the upgrade guide to see the breaking changes.

Flexible .Net queue and stream processing

Configurable service bus that provides you with a mechanism to create cross-platform endpoints that are loosely coupled, enabling you to develop and deploy specific business functionality that can be independently versioned.

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Framework Support

Packages currently target netstandard2.0 and netstandard2.1 which means that they can be used with .NET Core 2.1+, .NET Framework 4.6.1+, and .NET 5.0+

Multiple Queues

Many popular queueing technologies are supported out-of-the-box but it is possible to implement any queue.

Open Source

These packages are free open source software licensed under the 3-Clause BSD License. Pull requests are welcome.
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