An implementation of the IMessageHandlerInvoker interface is used to invoke a mesage handler for the given message in the PipelineEvent.

If you do not specify your own implementation of the IMessageHandlerInvoker the DefaultMessageHandlerInvoker will be used. This invoker makes use of the IMessageHandlerFactory to create the required message handler factory.



MessageHandlerInvokeResult Invoke(PipelineEvent pipelineEvent);

Invoke the message handler using the data contained in the given PipelineEvent.


Type DefaultMessageHandlerInvoker implements the IMessageHandlerInvoker interface and will attempt to find an implementation of the required IMessageHandler<> interface.

If no handler can be found the MessageHandlerInvokeResult return from the Invoke method will have an Invoked value of false.

A handler is created per thread and re-used. Should you not want a handler to be re-used, or if you have some condition that determines re-use, you may implement the IReusability interface on the message handler and return the relevant bool value from the IsReusable property.