PM> Install-Package Shuttle.Esb.Module.ActiveTimeRange

The ActiveTimeRange module for Shuttle.Esb aborts pipeline processing when the current date is not within a given time range.

The module will attach the ActiveTimeRangeObserver to the OnPipelineStarting event of all pipelines except the StartupPipeline and abort the pipeline if the current time is not within the active time range.

        <section name="activeTimeRange" type="Shuttle.Esb.Module.ActiveTimeRange.ActiveTimeRangeSection, Shuttle.Esb.Module.ActiveTimeRange"/>

  <activeTimeRange from="8:00" to="23:00" />

The default value of “*” ignores the value. If both from and to are specified as “*” no pipeline will be aborted.

The module will register itself using the container bootstrapping.