PM> Install-Package Shuttle.Esb.Module.Throttle

The Throttle module for Shuttle.Esb aborts pipeline processing when the CPU usage exceeds given percentage.

The module will attach the ThrottleObserver to the OnPipelineStarting event of all pipelines except the StartupPipeline and abort the pipeline if the SPU usage is exceeds the given percentage.

        <section name="throttle" type="Shuttle.Esb.Module.Throttle.ThrottleSection, Shuttle.Esb.Module.Throttle"/>

    durationToSleepOnAbort="1s" />
Attribute Default Description
cpuUsagePercentage 65 The CPU usage percentage to start throttling the endpoint pipelines.
abortCycleCount 5 The number of times a pipeline will be aborted before running at least once.
performanceCounterReadInterval 1000 The number of milliseconds between reading the CPU usage performance counter. Minimun of 1000 allowed.
durationToSleepOnAbort 1s The duration(s) to sleep when aborting a pipeline. Cannot be incremented for each abort.

The module will register/resolve itself using Shuttle.Core container bootstrapping.